Wearing the Crown.

Helping Chicago’s teens and young adults connect the dots between aspiration, action and achievement.

is having
a job enough?

To create a life of financial freedom and personal happiness, we must think beyond the job. We need to discover what matters to us, take responsibility for our own development, and find ways to make meaningful contributions in the workplace and beyond.

did you know?


of Chicago’s black and latino teens ages 16 to 19 are unemployed.

*UIC Report, 2016
Lost: The Crisis Of Jobless and Out Of School Teens and Young Adults In Chicago, Illinois and the U.S.


of employers surveyed say they look for mindset over skill set when searching for new talent.

the Crown

A two-hour activity-based workshop that explores:


Activities that lead to the identification of transferable skills, personal strengths and interests.

21st century employment

Understanding the modern workforce and the difference between jobs, careers, and entrepreneurship.

Financial Literacy

Modeling economic realities that promote strong financial decision-making.

Wearing the Crown is designed for:
Disconnected Youth  |  High School Students  |  Those Entering Vocational Training

Who we work with

From our students

“In the end, it helped me understand the importance of budgeting. I look at things differently now.”

“What I found most helpful was learning about the importance of developing transferable skills.”

“You broke everything down in technical terms that we were able to understand.”

Learning about the differences between a job, career, and entrepreneurship was really helpful.”

“You did a great job and always had a smile on your faces.”

“You guys were awesome!”

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