About Nerdy.

We create media-focused, project-based programs for Chicago’s underserved communities. Our programs instill the 21st-century skills and mindset necessary for success in the modern economy and empower young people with the know-how to not only take advantage of opportunity, but to create it for themselves.

The Team

Founders  -

La Toia Brown is the Executive Director and founder of Nerdy Media.

After earning both a bachelor’s degree in Film/Video and a master’s in Arts Education from Columbia College Chicago, she moved to LA to put her knowledge to work in the entertainment industry. After seven years, and having realized the potential for media as a tool for learning and engagement, La Toia moved back to Chicago to pursue a career in education, continuing on to become an award-winning teacher with Chicago Public Schools.

Today, her focus is on the development and implementation of 21st century programming that empowers young people by equipping them with real-world life and career skills.

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Dave LaTulippe is Marketing Director of Nerdy Media, a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of SPYR Media, a creative agency specializing in visual brand design.

Over the course of his fifteen year career, Dave has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to create successful brands and products.

Today, his focus is on helping to empower young people by sharing the practical knowledge, insights, and skills accumulated over his career and by teaching the importance of a growth mindset in today’s complex job market.

-  The Collective  -

Lavell Gamble
Filmmaker and Photographer

Sheina McBee
Filmmaker and Photographer

Jasmine Kirkwood
Event Planner and Writer

Connell Jones
Musician and Videographer

Winther Polk

Reggie Harris
Musician and Writer

-  Nerdy Contributors  -

Christopher Martin
Filmmaker and Music Producer

Rachel Johnson

Jeff Sarris
Marketing Consultant

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